Elton John releases new single with American music duo Surfaces - and we are loving it!

Publish Date
Friday, 12 June 2020, 11:28AM

Just two weeks after Lady Gaga and Elton John released their highly-anticipated official duet 'Sine From Above,' the Rocketman is back with another new track!

This time, the 73-year-old has teamed up with an American duo called Surfaces for the single, 'Learn To Fly' - and it is the bit optimism the world needs right now.

Taking to Instagram, the duo wrote: "From the bottom of our hearts we hope this song will be a source of encouragement now more than ever."

They continued: "If you are broken, hurting, lost, or just going through it ... this one's for you."

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Meanwhile, Elton also took to Instagram to explain how the song came about.

"I heard their song 'Sunday Best' for the first time in Australia and liked it so much. Then @surfacesmusic reached out to me to ask if I would sing and play some piano on their new track, 'Learn to Fly.'

"I loved the song and the production, so couldn't say no!" he wrote alongside a picture of the trio on Zoom.

"It was a unique experience to collaborate remotely over Zoom but these guys are terrific and we had a blast. The track is out this Friday and I can’t wait for you to hear it."

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