It turns out ABBA's Anni-Frid Lyngstad is actually an official royal princess

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Thursday, 6 October 2022, 4:56PM

She has long been known as pop royalty, but it turns out Anni-Frid Lyngstad is actual royalty.

That's right!

The 'Dancing Queen' singer is officially Princess Anne-Frid Synni of Reuss, Countess of Plauen.

Following the 76-year-old's short-lived marriage to band member Benny Andersson, in 1982 Frida left Sweden and relocated to Switzerland where she met, architect Prince Heinrich Ruzzo of Reuss, Count of Plauen.

In 1986, the Norwegian-Swedish singer moved in with the Prince, who had since become her boyfriend, into his family castle situated in Fribourg.

The couple went on to wed on August 26, 1992.

As a result of the marriage, Anne-Frid took on a new name and became Princess Anne-Frid Synni of Reuss, Countess of Plauen.

She also became a stepmother to Princess Henriette Anna-Bess Helle Mette Reuss of Plauen and Princess Pauline Margaretha Emma-Louise Mette Reuss of Plauen, twin daughters born to Heinrich and his first wife in 1977.


Sadly, this marriage also ended far sooner than the pair would have hoped, when Heinrich died from lymphoma in 1999.

The House of Reuss family formerly ruled over territories which are situated in modern-day Thuringia, in Germany.

The family ruled until 1918 when the First World War meant the territories were taken into Germany.

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