Olivia Newton-John fans voice their concerns after John Travolta was missing from her State Memorial

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 5:46PM

On Sunday, some of the biggest names in showbiz came together in memory of Dame Olivia Newton-John ... however, one notable person was missing.

As many A-list stars shared their memories of the beloved icon - who lost her decades-long battle with cancer in August - at her state memorial at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, there was no sign of John Travolta.

While the Hollywood superstars were an unforgettable pair on-screen and lifelong friends off, the actor didn't feature in person or via a pre-recorded message.

As the ceremony progressed, fans took to social media to voice their concerns, with one questioning: "Did I miss something from John Travolta ... I thought he was supposed to say something?"

"I need some explanation as to why John Travolta wasn't involved, yet he was mentioned to be doing something. I knew Delta was the last of the memorial but nothing from John Travolta, not even a video message. I hope he is okay," someone else wrote.

A third said: "Any thoughts why John Travolta didn't get a mention at all bar in the career highlights montage? No message, no mention?"

The beloved Grease star is yet to respond.

Newton-John is survived by her husband John Easterling and only daughter Chloe Lattanzi.

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