Prince William reveals walking behind the Queen's coffin reminded him of Princess Diana's procession

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Friday, 16 September 2022, 10:07AM

Prince William has revealed walking behind Queen Elizabeth's coffin reminded him of taking part in his own mother's procession.

Then aged just 15, the Prince of Wales followed behind Princess Diana's body as it was taken to Westminster Abbey in 1997, after her sudden death in a car crash in Paris.

While viewing tributes left for the Queen at Sandringham today, the father-of-three spoke of the similarities between Her Majesty's procession and that of his mum.

Jane Wells, who was laying flowers at the royal estate in Norfolk, said: "He told us yesterday had been very difficult and following the coffin had reminded him of his mother's funeral, of Diana.

He added the procession had "brought back a few memories."

"It's one of those moments where you kinda think to yourself 'I've prepared myself for this,' but I'm not that prepared," he said of Her Majesty's death.

"It's this weird kind of thing... because we knew she was 96."

William also implored a member of the public not to cry.

"Don't cry now, you'll start me off," he said.

William and his wife Princess Kate were seen taking time to read some of the thousands of notes left with flowers outside the gates of Sandringham.

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