Queen Consort Camilla promises to help eight-year-old girl have a playdate with Princess Charlotte

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Monday, 13 February 2023, 12:18PM

While the royal family receive a plethora of invitations to various events around the world, it was Princess Charlotte who was the subject of a rather sweet invite recently.

The only daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate caught the eye of an eight-year-old girl who generously sent her an invitation for a playdate.

While visiting the STORM family centre in London to mark the 19th birthday of the facility - which supports adults and children affected by domestic violence - Queen Consort Camilla met little Charlie-Rose.

The youngster - who passed a slightly crumpled note to the royal visitor as she enjoyed a cup of tea - told reporters afterwards: "She said she would give my note to Charlotte, I'm hoping she'll agree, you never know... I think I'll go to her house."

Charlie-Rose's father Wayne Hickson - whose mother works as a volunteer with the charity -explained: "The note read, 'Dear Princess Charlotte, My name is Charlotte-Rose and I'm eight.' It said her primary school and where we lived and said did she fancy a play date. It ended with, 'Here's my phone number, hopefully, you will. Love Charlie-Rose.'"

The 39-year-old dad admitted the youngster was "quite nervous" about handing her letter to Camilla, who is married to Charlotte's grandfather, King Charles.

He added: "Camilla told her that she liked her dress and she would pass the note on for her."

We hope Princess Charlotte responds!

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