Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis welcome her home to her final resting place in Windsor Castle

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 10:10AM

As Queen Elizabeth's funeral procession headed towards her final resting place, two very special guests waited to welcome her home: Muick and Sandy, her royal corgis.

With their short, stubby legs and floppy ears they patiently awaited the cortege's arrival.

And while the Queen was being carried into Windsor's St George's Chapel, the dogs watched on.

Throughout her reign, the Queen owned some 30 corgis and dorgis (a mix between a corgi and a dachshund).

The pooches have been the subject of discussion since Her Majesty's death, with many people wondering who would look after them now.

Muick and Sandy were given to the Queen by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson just last year and they will now be looked after by the prince and his ex-wife.

The Queen's corgis were her constant companions since she was a child.

It started in 1933 when King George VI, her father, brought her a Pembroke Welsh corgi that they named Dookie.

When she was 18 she was given another corgi, which she named Susan. Susan would be the first in a long line of corgis, dorgis and even a cocker spaniel.

The dogs reportedly slept in their own room at Buckingham Palace with sheets that were changed daily.

The royal pooches were joined in their tribute by Carlton Lima Emma, one of Queen Elizabeth's favourite Fell ponies, who was led out to witness the procession as it made its way through Windsor.

The monarch was laid to rest in Windsor Castle, reunited with her beloved Prince Philip, following the funeral at Westminster Abbey.

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