Rare cast of Princess Diana’s left hand is up for auction

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Saturday, 5 November 2022, 9:45AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you've always dreamt of holding hands with the late Princess Diana, now's your chance ...

A plaster cast of the former Princess of Wales' left hand selling at auction.

But owning this life-size cast won't come cheap, with Reeman Dansie expecting it to sell for £40,000!

The cast of Diana's hand, which will also depict her wedding band, will be auctioned off at Reeman Dansie on Wednesday 8 November.

Made by renowned Croatian sculptor Oscar Nemon before his death in 1985, the 24-centimetre-long cast is "extremely rare," according to the auction house.

"This is believed to be a unique cast of Princess Diana’s hand made during her lifetime with her permission and obvious co-operation and is therefore of great importance and rarity," it said on its official website, adding that the process of making this cast involved placing the hand in a liquid silicone bath which is then set to create a mould from which the cast is made in plaster of Paris.

The cast was made during Diana's sittings with Nemon — who was working on her bust just before his death — at his studio in St James' Palace.

Last year, a slice of Charles and Diana's 1981 wedding cake sold for an unexpected price of £1,850 at auction.


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