Rod Stewart has been renting a home and paying the bills for a family of Ukrainian refugees

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Wednesday, 19 October 2022, 1:59PM

Like many celebrities around the world, Sir Rod Stewart is continuing to help with the ongoing effort in Ukraine.

After initially rescuing 16 refugees fleeing the Russian invasion and bringing them to safety in Berlin, the legendary rocker has revealed he's also been paying the rent and bills for a family of seven who have fled the country.

While the 77-year-old may not look like your average landlord, Stewart has been completely funding husband and wife ­Rostyslav and Olena and their ­children Taras, 17, Kostya, 16, Roman, 13, Mariia, 10, and Dymtro, two, new life in England.

The rock’n’roll saviour found them a house, furnished it and even pledged to pay for their rent and bills for at least a year.

Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster were inspired to act after witnessing the unfolding events of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the news. 

"Words couldn't describe what we were watching. The bombing of innocent children, the bombing of hospitals and ­playgrounds.

"Like everyone else, we were completely beside ourselves. I don't wish that on anyone. This is evil, pure evil."

He continued: "I was born just after the war, so my family have lots of memories of it. That's how devastating it was to me. I didn't think we would see the likes of land war with tanks again."

While the singer usually likes to keep all his "charitable efforts nice and quiet," he hoped that by making his actions public, it might inspire others to help too.

As for whether the family knew of Stewart and his music, he quipped: "I think they had been briefed before they met me as to who I was – and they certainly know who I am now since I left about 500 CDs for them."

What a true legend.

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