Rod Stewart helps rescue 16 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion

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Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 5:56PM

Like many celebrities around the world, Sir Rod Stewart is playing his part to help with the ongoing effort in Ukraine.

Enlisting the help of his family, the legendary rocker managed to rescue 16 refugees fleeing the Russian invasion, bringing them to safety in Berlin.

Although unable to go himself for security reasons, the 77-year-old funded the entire rescue mission, paying for his nephews, Warren and Gavin Cady, to drive to the Ukrainian border in Poland where they reached a refugee camp.

At the camp, the men successfully delivered essential goods to those in need before transporting families to safety.

Posting about the group's successful mission on Instagram, the 'Maggie May' hitmaker played down his role: "I sponsored four trucks driven by my nephews and my chauffeur and a few other gentlemen.

"They drove through France, Belgium, Germany and into Poland, dropped off supplies and picked up refugees and dropped them in Berlin. It took them three-and-a-half days to get there and back. They are the heroes, not me."

While Warren praised his uncle for backing the aid convoy.

He said: "He basically covered all the financial stuff. Rod is deeply distressed by what is going on in Ukraine. It's brought him to tears. Helping out, to him, is more than donating money and getting publicity.

"He has been tremendous through it all. Every day he would be on the phone or texting, asking how we were getting on. He was brought to tears when I sent him photos of children at the refugee camp."

What a true legend.

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