Stevie Nicks is thrilled to have been honoured with her own Barbie lookalike

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Wednesday, 4 October 2023, 8:51AM

"I am her and she is me."

The 75-year-old rock star has now been immortalised in plastic, becoming the latest celebrity to become part of the iconic Mattel doll line.

The 'Go Your Own Way' hitmaker said that when she was presented with the plastic version of herself, she instantly "fell in love" with the doll and now sees her as her "own little feminist."

"When I got her, it's like my whole world changed. I just so fell in love with her. She is really her own little feminist person at not even a foot tall. She's strong and she's fierce and she's solid.I see everything in her. When I look at her, it's like she's my whole life from beginning to now. When I look at her, all the memories are all there.
She's a dream catcher. She catches all the memories and dreams, holds them in her hands and shows them to you. Barbie's little hands are really a lot like my hands, and they're so delicate and so pretty. I was so surprised."

Her doll was inspired by 1977's Rumours album cover, with the doll dressed in a '70s-style black velvet dress that has Stevie's signature long flowing sleeves and knee-high boots. The doll also has Stevie's trademark blunt fringe and is holding a tambourine.

Photo / via Mattel

Stevie has yet to meet the designer behind her Barbie but admitted that she admires the work that the toy giant puts into their products.

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She said: "Just the detail that Mattel puts into these dolls — I don't even want to say the word ‘doll’ — into these little people is just so specific and really beautiful. I have yet to meet whoever it was that actually designed her, and I can't wait to really meet that person so that I can just totally goob out about all these little details that I find so beautiful about her."

The Stevie Nicks doll is available now as part of the Barbie Signature line and retails at USD$55.

- Written by Bang! Showbiz and republished here with edits and permission

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