The Chase contestant leaves Bradley Walsh in shock with fluke answer

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Monday, 22 May 2023, 9:49AM

A contestant on The Chase has left host Bradley Walsh in shock after a show-first answer.

 host Bradley introduced contestants Miriam, Fintan, Ewan and Caroline before they battled it out to take home the all-important cash prize.

In a first for the show, Bradley was flabbergasted when 'Jammy' Fintan accidentally managed to answer a question correctly.

Taking to the podium, Fintan hoped to bag a whopping £50,000 and his place in the final but was forced to pass when he didn't know an answer.

Bradley asked, "In computer security what word would go before code, phrase and word?"

Looking stumped, Fintan answered, “Pass.”

Unable to answer, Fintan responded: "Pass."

"Correct! It's happened, it's actually happened" Bradley declared in shock.

"It's happened. The word pass is an answer. You jammy so so!"

Unfortunately, his luck ended there as Fintan was eventually sent packing after being caught out by The Beast.

The Chase screens every weekday at 5pm on TVNZ1.

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