The Chase star Paul Sinha gives fans heartbreaking update in Parkinson’s battle

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Monday, 3 July 2023, 9:04AM

Paul Sinha aka The Sinnerman has made a heartbreaking confession as he continues “ploughing on” with his Parkinson’s battle.

Paul was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disorder in May 2019, and now he has revealed he is no longer able to do some of the things he loves like dancing or driving and has become increasingly more dependent on his husband.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, the 53-year-old TV star said, “My Parkinson’s means I can’t dance anymore. I couldn’t do ‘Strictly’ or anything like that. And I don’t drive anymore.

“Everything is slower in general. To go to an event, I have to wake up an hour earlier than I otherwise would have done.”

Bradley Walsh and Paul Sinha. Photo / ITV

Noting that almost everything he does is with the assistance of his husband, Oliver Levy, the doctor-turned-TV star said that even small tasks take longer including getting dressed in the morning.

However, despite battling through the difficult disease, Paul told the news outlet he works “as hard as I can” and does things to improve his “quality of life” so he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him.

“With the pandemic and social media, you are constantly aware that other people are having harder lives than you are,” he said adding that he doesn’t see himself as brave but rather practical and pragmatic.

Paul, who is a quizzer on the popular show, is realistic about what the future holds for him and knows his life and abilities will become even harder in the future, but said he will always “look [his] best” in hopes that he doesn’t “vanish”.

It comes after the star gave fans little insight into his diagnosis in March when he addressed his more than usual “chatty” behaviour on the ITV show.

Taking to Twitter, he referenced a moment in the show where he spoke to the contestants and host Bradley Walsh. Apologising for his incessant chatter, he told fans it was a side effect of his medication.

He wrote: “A lot of these episodes were when my Parkinson’s meds were making me very chatty. I can only apologise. #TheChase.”

The confession resulted in many fans rallying around the star with Daily Mail reporting one fan said, “Why you apologising you are giving a lot of people suffering with Parkinsons hope and inspiration.”

Another said: “I think you’re brilliant! I love your conversation.”

Paul has been a frequent face on The Chase since 2011 and stars alongside fellow quizzers - also known as the Chasers - Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace, Mark Labbett, Darragh Ennis and Anne Hegerty.

The Chase screens every weekday at 5pm on TVNZ1.

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