This emotional Father-Daughter audition on The Voice will leave you in tears

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Friday, 10 November 2023, 2:41PM

Warning: This audition will leave you in tears.

It isn't often that a Voice audition that receives zero chair turns will become one of our favourite moments but that's exactly what has happened with this Father-Daughter duel audition.

Chris Watson, a 53-year-old postie from Victoria auditioned for The Voice - singing a Coast favourite, 'Jessie's Girl' - only for not a single judge to turn around. Chris then revealed his real reason for auditioning...

Hoping to show his 21-year-old daughter Shanae to never give up singing, Chris applied for The Voice.

“I only entered it realistically knowing I’m not marketable. I’m 53 years of age – what am I going to do? Go and sing in a pub that’s about it,” he said.

“But I did it hoping there would be a break for my daughter.

“It was just to show my daughter no matter how many times you get knocked back, you just keep getting up and having a go again.”

“I just wanted to show my kids to never give up, to keep having a crack.” 

Once the coaches found out Shanae was a singer, it was obvious... they had to hear her! Guy Sebastian asked if she'd consider auditioning.

“After seeing Dad, I would give it a crack,” Shanae agreed.

“We can’t do it now because we’re not supposed to see you,” said Guy, before checking upstairs to see if Shanae could come back.

Sure enough, a few auditions later and Shanae was back. She took to the stage to perform 'Chandelier' by SIA - which if you’ve ever tried to belt it along to the radio in the car, you’ll know is a very difficult song to sing.

Shanae absolutely nailed it - earning a four-chair turn, double-takes from the judges and leaving her family in tears.

“When you said she was good, that was an understatement,” Guy said.

“My gosh. That was worth doing. To be honest, you sang the verse great, I know with that song, it’s about the chorus. One of the hardest choruses to sing. When you nailed that, I had to slam that button.

“See what happens when you go out on a limb as a father. See what happens when you take a leap of faith. Did you think you weren’t good enough?”

Watch their auditions above!

02:59 - Chris's audition
11:10 - Shanae's audition

Viewers were blown away by Chris' move, with one user commenting "Made me cry watching her dad cry. Look at how proud he is. Beautiful display of what it means to be a wonderful father."

Another agreed, "How to lift up your daughter and show her the way, just brilliant. And what an incredible voice, Shanae."

What an incredible father! 

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