Obese Teen Who Lived On A Diet Of Chips And Fried Meat Loses 88kg!

Tom Johnston, 19, from Northern Ireland, saw his weight balloon to over 171kg, thanks to an unhealthy diet of crisps, chips and fried meat - and a football injury that left him confined to a wheelchair for three months.

His anxiety over his weight became so great that he dropped out of school, unable to bear what people thought about his size.

Eventually, Tom decided to join Slimming World after becoming fed up with what he saw when he looked in the mirror.

Tom joined the gym and drastically changed his diet, helping him to shed 88kg over the past year.

He now weighs 82kg and says he feels he can begin is life again.  

He has gone back to college and hopes to go to university.

'My weight robbed me of having the same experiences as other people my age. Now I'm like any other 19-year-old - and that feels great,' he said. 

'I suffered from anxiety and low mood and my weight was a big contributor to that.'

What an inspirational young man! We think he looks GREAT!


Source: Daily Mail