Romanian Company Hires A CAT As Its Communications Director

With the competition for jobs fiercer than ever, the director of communications position at a new start up was always going to be popular job advert.

700 people reportedly applied for the top position, enticed by its salary and bonus package.

Yet applicants might have been a little surprised to learn that they were beaten to the top job by a surprise candidate... A nine-month old cat.

Bossy the cat put paw to paper, accepting a contract for the top job as Director of communications at

The Romanian start-up company appointed Bossy reportedly after a thorough application process.

With a salary of £110 per month plus a healthy bonus of cat food, the nine-month old cat will earn more than some Romanians working in rural areas.

He certainly appears to be very at home sitting in his new swivel chair, all ready to make all the tough decisions required as a company's communications director.

Bossy is set for a busy schedule as he will reportedly be promoting the brand by doing a series of voice-overs for company videos, posing for brand photo shoots as well as giving his own paw print seal of approval to over 20 presents a day before they are delivered.