Ronnie Wood Has Introduced His Twins To The World And They Are Adorable!

It seems Ronnie Wood’s rock and roll days are a distant memory after he admitted he is now the ‘nappy changer’ for his newborn twin daughters.

The 69-year-old musician said he had also been serenading Gracie Jane and Alice Rose, his first children with wife Sally, 38, on his guitar.

Proudly showing off his daughters, who were born at the end of last month, Wood told Hello! magazine: ‘I’m the burper, walker, nappy changer and I’m still trying to work out when I can get to sleep in between all that.

‘I have played the guitar to them and when I get round to it I will do some drawings. At the moment I’m just soaking up every moment we have.

‘I have Sally, I have my beautiful family and I have two little gorgeous dolly girls. All I can think is that someone up there really likes me.’

Wood previously said that he hoped his good friend, and Rolling Stone frontman, Sir Mick Jagger, would ‘sing lullabies’ to his new daughters, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising he was one of the first to visit the newborns.

Sir Mick, 72, went to see the girls three days after they were born as ‘he couldn’t wait to see them,’ according to Wood.

Sally, whom he married in December 2012, said both she and her husband shed tears when their daughters were born.

She said: ‘Ronnie cut the cords and we just held our babies and looked at their little faces.

‘We both cried. You are just so happy and emotional, the tears are just there. Ronnie is so completely committed to being a dad, helping me, looking after us all.

‘I’ve never been a mother before so all I know is this. And this is pretty good so far.’

The twins are his fifth and sixth children, but the first for him and Sally, who is 31 years his junior.

Wood and Sally came under heavy criticism after announcing they were expecting twins at the end of last year, with some accusing the rocker of being ‘selfish’ for becoming a father at 69.

But his third wife defended their decision, saying: ‘I do accept this is a shock to some people and ridiculous to others, but these children are loved.

‘There are other children being born to younger people who aren’t loved. Which do you prefer?’