Apparently, half of men can't STAND shopping for this!

Publish Date
Friday, 28 July 2023, 2:17PM

Are animal documentaries as great as they used to be? Sam thinks not. Toni's been thinking about her attitude towards winter and considering whether we should be thinking about it differently for our mental health. Plus, we talk about following through on the consequences we give our children. 

0.30 Things we accidentally said

8.20 Sam's 42 and furious about animal documentaries

10.20 Toni on learnings from Matariki

12.00 Following through on children's consequences

18.00 Nathan Wallis on children's consequences

25.00 50% of men can't STAND shopping for this

28.10 You shouldn't charge your phone here

31.10 Tom Dodson on Rick Dodson's new book

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