Apparently your favourite chores are good for you

Publish Date
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 10:32AM

Apparently doing your favourite chores around the house for just 11 mins a day is good for you - so we wanted to know, what's your favourite chore? Toni tries pottery for her 40 before 40 challenge. What holiday prep are the team doing before they head to Hawaii & Las Vegas? Plus - we chat to Kyle MacDonald about his book Sh*t Happens.

00:05 Toni on her son Lachie's first day of school

03:00 Your favourite chores

07:10 Toni visits the dry cleaner after 10 months

10:20 Sam's science yawn

13:15 Toni's 40 before 40 - trying pottery

17:00 Holiday prep

20:20 Interview with Kyle MacDonald about his book Sh*t Happens

23:50 Steve Hansen joining the Wallabies?!

28:10 Famous celebrity features

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