FULL SHOW: Sam feel for this Trap!

Publish Date
Thursday, 18 April 2024, 2:38PM

Today in the show we talked about the weekly pop culture wrap, we tell you if you are more likely to crash than others due of the colour of your car. And Sam feel for one of the oldest tricks in the book. And of course we give the chance for you to win some money in the Chasers!

00:00 - START

00:35 - 6 year olds do this on average 300 x a day… what is it?

02:44 - Stories of what your 6 year old does on average 300 x a day

04:47 - Disney Characters turning into Horror Characters

07:42 - Make a wish

10:34 - Sam is asked a question

13:12 - The perfect pair of Jeans

18:15 - Stories of your Perfect Jeans

20:26 - Pop Culture Wrap

24:41 - Social & Competitive Sports

28:55 - The Chasers

33:52 - Cars most likely to crash

36:43 - Stories of Cars most likely to crash

42:22 - Urgent Culture

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