FULL SHOW: What doesn't annoy Jase anymore?

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Thursday, 11 April 2024, 11:23AM

Today we learn that on average 26% of us failed to do something last year... what was it? Someone got a procedure done during an earthquake, but we wonder what is another situation you don't want to experience an Earthquake during. And Toni tells us what different kinds of readers there are. 

00:00 - START

00:35 - Airplanes, dogs and rain

03:37 - What have 26% failed to do last year?

06:02 - IKEA is coming to NZ!

09:36 - Getting a procedure done in the middle of an Earrthquake

12:30 - Book Club Live is on tonight in Auckland

15:11 - What doesn’t annoy US anymore

19:28 - What doesn’t annoy YOU anymore

22:51 - Pop Culture Wrap

26:33 - AI in Photo Booths

30:13 - The Chasers

34:09 - Wife wants hourly pay

37:20 Your opinions of a wife who wants to get paid hourly

41:48 - Our perspectives on Newshub shutting down

44:03 - Types of Readers

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