Oh the things we've seen in Vegas...

Publish Date
Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 10:47AM

It's our last day in Vegas before we fly back! Some of the things we've seen have been interesting to say the least. Toni's after a costume for her 40th birthday party, and accidentally gets an adult store and costume store confused. Sam's been hitting the casinos! Plus, we chat to a hypnotist.

00:30 Spending money

04:00 What we've seen in Vegas

08:20 Toni's adult store costume hunt

11:20 Catching up with our Big Spender winner Kate

16:40 The best food we've eaten

19:50 Sam at the casino

27:35 Bracelet swipe cards

30:15 The new part of Vegas - Area 15

37:50 Our final chat with Kate

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