Sam has a theory about children being able to break the laws of physics

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 10:32AM

Toni has a new toasted sandwich hack to get the perfect toastie. Sam's kids are able to break the law of physics, how does that work? Plus we are joined by the Topp Twins to talk about their newly released book, Untouchable Girls. 

00:30 Toni's toastie hack

03:45 Interview with the Topp Twins, new book Untouchable Girls out now! 

10:10 Children breaking the laws of physics 

13:20 What have you won at an auction?

18:20 Sam's Science Yawn

22:10 The one thing that can improve your relationship 

25:35 Getting close to opening night of The Music Man 

29:10 New Netflix series Beckham

33:40 What is the place we have stopped visiting

37:10 1News weather drama 

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