The way you have your eggs says a lot about a person

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 11:17AM

It's the 1st of November so it's the beginning of Toni's Christmas Gift Guide. Hear what recommendations she has for the 'hard to buy for' people. Sam shares a way we can live longer. Plus, we ask - how you have you eggs to determine what sort of person you are. 

00:30 Toni's Christmas Gift Guide

04:50 How to live longer

08:05 How do you have your eggs?

13:25 Massive changes made to Rick Astley's hit, Never Gonna Give You Up

15:00 Click and collect 

22:10 Temu review

24:30 Halloween recap

28:45 Stories that sizzled

32:35 Follow list 

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