Throwback to Toni's criter fringe ...

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 October 2023, 11:12AM

We talk regrets from high school, what is the most common? Jase shares a nightmare story from a meal out with friends. Plus - we are joined by Geoff and Justine Ross, authors of Meet You at the Main Divide. 

00:35 Biggest regrets from high school

06:35 Interview with Geoff and Justine Ross

10:15 Jase's meal out nightmare

19:10 5 hobbies we need

22:05 What we shouldn't talk about in front of our kids

25:25 42 and Furious - Sam's winge about emergency breaking 

28:00 Toni reviews Love at First Sight movie 

30:55 Interview with Indira Stewart, Mana Moana 

33:40 Veuve Clicquot burger challenge

36:30 Celebrity pairings 

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