Toni dresses like Jennifer Coolidge from The White Lotus

Publish Date
Friday, 1 September 2023, 5:52PM

We're back from our Big Spender trip across Hawaii and Las Vegas! We get a final word from our winner Kate. What food did Jase end up loving? Plus, Toni dresses like Jennifer Coolidge and we feel like we're in The White Lotus. 

00:30 Kate's final words for us

03:20 Toni and Kate purchasing the same things

06:00 Toni channels her inner Jennifer Coolidge

07:50 Our favourite parts of the trip

10:20 Jase's favourite foods while away

12:30 Outfits that cause pain

18:40 An update of Toni's 40 before 40 challenge

22:00 Could you have an iron deficiency?

23:45 Our journals



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