Toni shares advice to her younger self

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 September 2023, 11:27AM

Toni gets to choose and create her own ice cream flavour which she reveals. Sam has a wee rant about his book. We also discuss advice you'd give to your younger self, one day out from Toni's 40th!

00:35 Advice to give to your younger self 

06:25 Toni's 40 thing before 40, up next is a new ice cream flavour! 

11:30 Ice cream flavour reveal 

12:35 Interview Ben Shear Head of Tip Top

15:00 A toy Jase wanted pre High School is hitting the shelfs again

18:35 Toys you had as a kid, and still have 

23:00 Interview with the Director of Music Man Hamish Mouat, Nick Kyle (The Musica Man) and Jess Rogers (Marian) 

28:05 Most overrated tourist attractions 

34:40 Toni's review of The Dressmakers and the Hidden Solider

38:05 Sam's winge 








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