What did Sam do with his Italian Chocolate Denso ...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 10:47AM

Toni shares a recap of her 40th birthday party over the weekend. Sam shares a revenge story from his younger self which includes a white Audi and an Italian Chocolate Denso. A new fashion trend that has got us thinking. 

00:35 Toni's 40th birthday party recap

05:15 Sams revenge story

08:30 Underwear as outerwear 

11:05 Interview with Laura Daniels, eliminated from Celebrity Treasure Island last night 

14:40 Counting down to Christmas 

17:30 Stag do's and Hen's nights

23:25 Sam's science yawn

26:55 Interview with Tom Webster, Grand Designs NZ Host 

29:55 Stories that sizzled

33:05 Weekend recap

36:05 Foods that shouldn't be served on a plane 

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