Matt Watson reveals how a marriage relied on a 20 lb snapper

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 3:42PM

When it comes to fishing, fishermen don't get much better than our very own Matt Watson.

Jase and Bernie got the chance to have a chat with the famous angler ahead of the new season of ITM Hook Me Up, and he spoke about the strange position that he was left in while filming for the show.

"A young woman got in touch, and asked for my help, 'My partner won't marry me until I catch a 20 lb snapper, and he hasn't even gotten close in the last ten years,'" Matt said.

"It's worked out a real treat for him, he gets sent out fishing every weekend because he's hopeless at it!" Matt added.

While it does sound like the perfect plan, Matt then revealed that his partner Stephanie had caught onto the ingenious plan:

"Him putting out into the Waiheke channel every Saturday with a box of beers wasn't going to get her a ring, so she enlisted our help." 


Matt then spoke about how having a deadline of two days to catch a 20 lb snapper resulted in a lot of drama.

Watch the full video above! 


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