Toni, Jase & Sam hilariously fail at a milk taste test with Plant & Food Research

Publish Date
Monday, 1 August 2022, 8:16AM

From the second we are born, we get told about the importance of milk.

Nowadays, there's a type of milk for every lifestyle on the market.

No longer is the biggest decision at the supermarket deciding between full cream or low fat.

Instead, we ponder between soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk or almond milk - not to mention all the other types of nut milk.

AndĀ Plant & Food Research are across this.

Using world-leading science to improve the way we grow, harvest and share food, they believe science can create a better future by finding smarter, greener options today.

In partnership with Plant & Food Research, we decided to give Toni, Jase & Sam a milk taste test to see how well they know their milk.

And it's safe to say, Mr Sam "I'm a milk expert" Wallace, wasn't such a milk expert after all.

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