Toni, Jase & Sam's Friday Journals: May 3

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Friday, 3 May 2024, 10:39AM

Each week, Toni, Jase and Sam share their Friday Journals. 

Take a read of them below.



Dear Journal,

I was reminded this week of how life can change on a dime. A family friend of ours fell from a roof and was badly hurt and is now in a serious way in hospital. It was a simple mistake that happened in a split second, and now his whole world has been turned on it’s head.

It’s yet another reminder of how precious this life is, there are no guarantees and it’s far too short to be wasting precious time with drama, people that don’t value you or putting off those things you’ve always wanted to do. So just a wee reminder we’re now in May so if you’re still waiting to crank into 2024 , we’re already nearly halfway through… so take action and make this second half the life you want.



Hi Journal,

Something happened this week that gave me chills, and they were multiplying. My mouth fell open and I couldn't believe my ears.

Every Wednesday we do a thing called 'Weird Wednesday' where we're lucky enough to hear strange, eery, 'woo woo' stories from our amazing family of Coast listeners, and some of them have involved clairvoyants who absolutely NAILED some predictions and forecasts, I LOVE that sort of stuff.

So a couple of days ago when we spoke with a lady called Deirdre - who studies peoples' soul journeys - my mind was blown.

She unpacked Toni and then Sam and then me - told us about our personalities, our midlife crises and forecast some significant events coming our way. After the show our own Boss - who spends more time with us than he probably wants to - said it was as if Deirdre had called him personally, and asked him to tell her about each of us. He was impressed. And that's no easy thing to do!

But we had so much feedback about it - and I loved that so many people were into it - and more and more people are embracing the spiritual side of things. Crystals, precious stones, psychics - we've come a long way. Years ago, cannibals used to eat psychics, but they never cooked them because they liked their medium rare.



Dear Journal,

Parenting is a real mix of highs and lows. Investment and then disappointment. It’s the ultimate test patience. Which I have very little of.

Now before I share the moment of success… I first want to put in into perspective some failings. The other night we had a perfect rainbow and Cosette got so excited she did a poo on our astro turf. Brando was rewarded a Milky Way at ripper rugby. Sienna found it and ate it. This started a war.

But this week, we went to dinner. After leaving the restaurant, one of the twins… (Cozy) was cold. Brando pulled his sister into his jacket and cuddled until she was warm.

An incredible sign of empathy… and that we might be doing SOMETHING right.



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