Woman Who Lost 85kg Hits Back At Haters

Simone Pretscherer is an Auckland woman who’s attracted international attention for her incredible weight loss and physical transformation, having lost 86kg over the course of a year (just over half her original bodyweight). She bravely posted before and after pics of her journey, but then she attracted attention of a different sort: internet bullies who said she couldn’t possibly have lost the weight – where was the loose skin? So in a new photo, Simone has even more bravely shared what her reduced belly looks like.

Personally, I think Simone is an inspiration, and her courage is commendable. She’s now hoping to raise $20,000 for surgery to remove the excess skin. You can donate here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/simonesjourneytohealth


Source: https://instagram.com/simone_anderson/