Apparently this new bike seat will provide a comfortable ride

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Monday, 17 June 2024, 3:02PM
Photo / 123rf

Photo / 123rf

It only took a few hundred years, but someone claims to have invented a comfortable bicycle seat...

Australian engineer Robin Macan has invented the “VabsRider”, the ‘world’s first virtual axis bicycle seat.’

The bicycle saddle features 2 sides that move independently as you pedal, distributing the load more evenly, for a more comfortable ride.

Robin says that the flaw of the common bicycle seat is obvious: “No amount of cushioning can compensate for the inherent pain points on the human body.” He claims his new design results in a pain-free ride.

After a 2-year process of working with an engineering firm, he says the VabsRider split-seat bicycle saddle is ready to offer users the most comfortable bike ride.





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