Bridgerton fans left laughing after spotting historical blunder in first episode

Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 January 2021, 1:48PM

Netflix’s Bridgerton has been a massive hit for the streaming service ever since it debuted on Christmas Day ...

But only now have fans of the romance series have spotted a huge blunder in the show's opening scene.

The first episode, set in 1813, shows horse-drawn carriages rolling along a road with very obvious yellow painted lines.

The very modern parking controls prompted plenty of jokes from fans of the show, with one teasing: "I didn't realise the 19th Century Brits were such pioneers."

Another tweeted: "It was interesting to see that Bath Crescent had yellow line parking restriction even then."

And it apparently wasn't the only mistake visible on set.

"That's nothing. You will also spot a Primark poster, a single yellow line parking restriction and a parking sign on a lamppost," another eagle-eyed viewer revealed.

"Down pipes on the front of buildings which would not have been there and a modern-day doorbell. Still a great one to watch though."

Yellow lines to prevent cars parking or waiting on the road first arrived in Britain in the late 1960s when road rules underwent a massive overhaul.

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