Crowded House reunite over video to perform awesome rendition of 'Something So Strong'

Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 8:50AM

After coming together for the first time since 2016 to perform as part of the Music From The Home Front charity concert in April, Crowded House have teamed up again to perform their 1986 hit song 'Something So Strong.'

Their lineup includes co-founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, and newbies Mitchell Froom, Liam Finn and Elroy Finn.

In a note accompanying the video, Neil explained why they recorded the performance.

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"We are a band that was supposed to be on stages very soon in Europe and beyond, but has now accepted the new reality. However housebound, we are still seeking connection," he wrote.

"So, in the meantime, the internet provides a chance to play a few of our songs for you, that seems most welcome and joyous, a good way to rehearse and perform, send some best wishes out your way."

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