Flight attendant gets frank about just how unhygienic planes really are ...

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 3:24PM

From the tray tables to the coffee machine, airplanes are basically just one big germ box suspended in mid-air.

Yes, you read that right ... even the in-flight coffee isn't safe.

Speaking on Insider Edition over the weekend, flight attendant Jamila Hardwick shared some gross insights about flying and just how unhygienic planes really are.

Hardwick even revealed that she would never drink coffee or tea from a plane, as the pipes used to prepare the hot beverages are rarely cleaned.

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"You might wanna think about ordering something other than coffee or tea," she said.

"The thing about the coffee and the tea is that the pipes are rarely clean. Airlines are only required to disinfect the water tanks four times a year."

We will be taking that on board for sure!

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