Kmart shoppers left confused after discovering hilarious typo on chopping board

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020, 9:16AM

One Kmart shopper has been left confused after she spotted a hilarious mistake on a wooden chopping board.

What could be so confusing about a chopping board, you ask?

Well, have a look for yourself ...

Photo / Facebook

Posting a picture of the instructions on a Kmart Facebook group, the woman wrote: "There's something wrong here. About this wood chopping board."

In the second sentence, the words read "Do not use as a chopping board."

The post quickly attracted hundreds of comments, with many followers sharing their confusion.

"The non chopping chopping board?" one person asked.

"Ok, so if it's not a chopping board what is it?" another questioned.

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A third added: "So what are you supposed to use it for then???"

Before someone else explained: "Must be one of those chopping boards that are just supposed to be for serving food rather than being used for meal prep."

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that that particular product was not sold at Kmart.

Instead, it appears to be from UK furniture retailer Dunelm, listed as the manufacturer on the label.

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