The Chase fans left stunned after lone contestant wins the jackpot in tense final

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Monday, 28 February 2022, 6:05PM

The Chase viewers were left on the edge of their seats during a recent episode of the much-loved game show as one contestant was left to face Paul "The Sinnerman" Sinha alone.

As Alan sadly watched his teammates get caught by The Chaser early on in the game, he was able to score a massive £9,000 in the Cash Builder round to take with him into the nail-biting Final Chase.

With no support, the 62-year-old retired IT consultant managed to get a score of 18 for Paul to try and beat in the thrilling final round.

The Sinnerman got off to a flying start, but with just one more question to answer correctly and three seconds on the clock, he stumbled at the final hurdle.

"What colour are the stars on the Venezuelan flag?" asked Bradley.

After Paul interrupted before Bradley read what the question referred to with his guess of red, Alan paused and gave the correct answer of white.

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Knowing he was beaten, Paul started applauding as the clock ran down to zero.

The Welsh native walked away with the jackpot, declaring he would be taking his wife on cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean with the money.

Well done Alan!

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