The Chase's Bradley Walsh hilariously winds up Mark 'The Beast' Labbett with song about biscuits

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Thursday, 21 May 2020, 2:38PM

Fans of The Chase will know it doesn't take much for Mark Labbett's temper to get the better of him - but that doesn't stop Bradley Walsh from winding him up.

On a recent episode of the quiz show, the much-loved Chaser was left unimpressed when Bradley cheekily took a swipe him by making up a song about biscuits.

Facing off against a contestant, the 54-year-old brainiac - who was nicknamed "The Beast" in light of his 6ft 6in frame - was asked a question about biscuits.

Which is when he revealed he "wasn't allowed to eat biscuits at the moment" following his diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. 

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He added: "[Bradley] takes great delight in showing off what he's allowed."

Naturally, Bradley started chanting the names of different brands of delicious biscuits, singing: "Custard creams, custard creams, jammy dodgers, custard creams."

Unimpressed, the Chaser snapped back: "Sometimes I really hate you".

Poor Mark!

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