The Chase's Shaun Wallace gets hilariously roasted after getting basic maths question wrong

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Saturday, 23 April 2022, 9:58AM

When he isn't working on The Chase, Shaun Wallace spends his time as a barrister and a part-time lecturer. 

But it seems he may need to put aside some time to brush up on his maths skills following a recent episode of the much-loved game show.

When asked the question, "If a car is travelling at 60 miles per hour, what distance is covered in a minute?" the "Dark Destroyer" left his 19-year-old opponent Aislinn stunned when he selected an incorrect answer.

Unable to resist the urge to take a swipe at the Chaser following his incorrect answer, Aislinn cheekily asked: "Are you having a laugh?"

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Clearly embarrassed by his blunder, the barrister smiled apologetically as the remaining contestants gasped with shock.

His wrong answer was revealed after she had just shared the simple maths behind the question, explaining: "Sixty miles, sixty minutes, one mile, one minute."

Of course, the whole scene left host Bradley Walsh in stitches.

Too funny!


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