The heartwarming moment dog who was stranded in the US is reunited with his Kiwi owner

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Monday, 22 June 2020, 3:45PM

We all have heard the phrase "dog is man's best friend", but for Brad Saville and his beloved pooch Bomber, no truer word has ever been said.

Earlier this month the pair were reunited in Queenstown after being separated for two months due to the lockdown.

After completing a three-month avalanche training programme together in Colorado, Saville was able to get home before New Zealand closed its borders in late March, but Bomber had to stay behind.

Bomber - a 19-month-old curly-coated retriever - finally landed in Auckland on May 26 and was flown to Queenstown Airport at the beginning of June.

And dog and owner were just as excited to see each other.

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Saville admitted there was "a little bit" of concern Bomber had forgotten about him during their time apart, but he couldn't have been more wrong.

"It was incredible," Saville said after their reunion. "It was a long time waiting and definitely looking forward to that moment for quite some time and for him to come through those doors, for us to lock eyes again, I was pretty happy that he jumped into my arms the way that he did.

"I could tell that he was just as excited as I was to see me again."

We're not crying. You're not crying.

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