These sweet spring-inspired names are perfect for September, October and November newborns

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Friday, 27 September 2019, 5:18PM

Despite the lacklustre weather lately, spring is in full swing!

It's that magical time of year when the temperature starts to get a little warmer, flowers sprout up out of the ground and all kinds of adorable baby animals are born.

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For mums who are expecting their own little ones to arrive soon but haven’t decided on a name yet – we’ve uncovered with some perfect options for a spring baby, along with their meanings.

What better way to celebrate your newborn than with a moniker that reflects the season they arrived in?

Here are 30 of the best baby names inspired by spring:


Aviva – 'springlike, fresh, dewy'
Blossom – 'to bloom'
Chloe – 'young green shoot'
Deborah – 'bee'
Denver – 'green valley'
Emaline – 'peaceful home'
Kelby – 'place by the foundation or spring'
Nona – 'ninth' as in September the ninth month in the year
October – 'the month of October'
Primavera – 'spring'
Signe – 'new victory'
Tessie – 'gather'
Verde – 'green'
Wisteria – 'Wister's flower'
Zelenka – 'green, new, fresh, innocent'


Attwell – 'lives by the spring'
Berilo – 'beryl, pale green gemstone'
Bradwell – 'from the broad of spring'
Bud – 'a flower bud'
Canyon – 'cut by running water'
Cyan – 'greenish-blue colour'
Eden – 'delight, paradise' 
Haruki – 'spring child or springwood'
Jarek – 'spring'
Maxwell – 'Mack's spring'
Neville – 'new town'
Newland – 'new land'
Owen – 'lamb, youth'
Vasant – 'spring'
Xavier – 'new house or bright'

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