This mum's solution to stop kids from making a mess with toothpaste is GENIUS!

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Friday, 12 July 2019, 12:01PM

Do your kids or grandkids always manage to always get toothpaste over the counter, tube and in some seriously impressive places?

Well, one Australian mum has found a super easy alternative to keeping the bathroom clean!

The savvy woman took to Facebook to reveal her clever invention, which involves emptying the tube of toothpaste into a SOAP dispenser in order to help her four-year-old daughter squeeze out the right amount at a time - and people are going crazy over it.

Alongside a picture of a soap dispenser filled with toothpaste, the inventive mum wrote: "Sick of wasting toothpaste and the kids making a mess? Problem solved."

Photo / Facebook

Many parents took to the comments to share how impressed they were with the homemade hack, as pump-dispenser are usually only found in adult varieties of toothpaste but not children's toothpaste.

"This has saved my bathroom," one mum responded.

Another added: "Great idea. I'm going to get onto this one tomorrow and try it with my kids."

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However, one mum claimed it looked like "too much effort" for such a minor inconvenience.

If you want to give the hack a go, you can get yourself a soap dispenser from Kmart, The Warehouse, Briscoes, Bunnings and Bed Bath & Beyond - with some priced at just $3!

Better living everyone!

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