Woman shares her genius hack for wrapping presents when the paper is too small

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 December 2022, 5:00PM

We've all been there - accidentally cut the wrapping paper just a smidge too small to get it around the present.

In a Christmas miracle, however, a woman has shared her genius hack at solving the issue without wasting the paper.

Sharing a tutorial video on platform TikTok, the woman moves the square item in the middle of the paper so the edges didn't line up.

She then folded down one of the corners of the wrapping paper, so the point ended up on the centre of the box.

She then folded all the other edges into the middle, taping as she went.

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The 20-second video has been viewed nearly two million times, and viewers have been amazed at the genius hack.

"Okay but really my mind was BLOWN," one wrote.

Another person wrote: "Wowwwwwwwwww so all that paper I wasted and I could have done this."

"I have been wrapping presents wrong my whole life," a third added.

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