Bradley Walsh hilariously mocks Anne Hegerty's costume in The Chase's Christmas special

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Thursday, 6 December 2018, 3:22PM
Photo / ITV

Photo / ITV

Anne Hegerty loves to get dressed up for a special occasion, we've seen this a few times since she has been on The Chase.

The star got rid of her signature grey suit for The Chase's Christmas special, and put on an iconic Union Jack dress.

Watch the trailer for it here:

As expected, Bradley manages to use his three seconds screen time in the promotional trailer to mock Anne's new outfit.

‘Never mind Ginger Spice you look like a Ginger Nut,’ he jokes.


Anne wasn't the only the chaser that got to dress up for the special either, Shaun Wallace or should we say Shaun Presley got a hilarious outfit of his own.

"Hi Bradley, ho ho ho," Shaun says while he's doing his best Elvis impression. 

We don't have any confirmation as to when the Christmas special is going to air in New Zealand, but we hope that it is soon!