Happy 50th birthday Hilary Barry: Watch her Top 3 TV moments!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 3:34PM

Everyone loves Hilary Barry - and today the television queen is celebrating her 50th birthday!

Aside from being a top journalist and presenter, the reason Barry is so well-loved is because she is so relatable and brings an element of light-hearted fun to our screens.

So in honour of our "aunty of the nation", we're counting down her top 3 moments...

The Paul Henry effect

How could anyone forget the time Barry laughed her way through an entire news segment for reasons largely unknown.

Unless you count the fact that Paul Henry was there egging her on (and we do).

One snort to rule them all

Barry is famed for cracking up onscreen - but her snort was something else ...

Barry vs Pippa

Even when she thinks a story is stupid, Barry still presents it but she doesn't bother trying to pretend it's her idea of quality journalism.