McDonald’s has unveiled its new heartwarming Christmas advert for 2019 and we love it!

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Monday, 18 November 2019, 2:40PM

McDonald's UK has followed in the footsteps of other big brands and released a super adorable Christmas advert.

The 90-second animated ad focuses on the heartwarming story between a young girl called Ellie and her friend Archie the Reindeer.

At the start of the advert, Ellie wants to play a game of 'reindeers' with her older sister Jenny.

However, the teenager is not interested in her younger sister’s shenanigans and slams the door on her.

Her father then introduces Archie and the two end up playing and forming a close bond.

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When Ellie runs out of 'Reindeer Treats' to feed Archie, the whole family set off to McDonald’s to buy more.

At the Drive-Thru, Ellie’s Dad orders 'Reindeer Treats', and the scene switches from animation to real life, where we discover that Archie is, in fact, Ellie's dog dressed up in a tutu and reindeer antlers.

The advert ends with the slogan: "Are you #ReindeerReady?"

Too cute!

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