Olivia Newton-John talks about her cancer battles: "You can be a victim, or you can be a winner"

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Monday, 11 March 2019, 2:36PM

After revealing that she has just recovered from a broken pelvis last week, Olivia Newton-John has opened up about the "extra time" that she has been granted.

In 2017, the star made her second battle with cancer public, but it was actually the third.

When asked about her reasoning behind keeping her second battle a secret on TODAY, Olivia said: "Becuase of the speculation, I just decided that I wanted to go through it myself."

Olivia is then asked about her current health, and how the rumours at the start of the year affected her.


"They were telling me that I was dying, but I didn't feel like I was dying - I was feeling pretty good!"

"I decided that I was going to tell everyone around the world at once," she said.

Watch the full interview from TODAY with Olivia above!