This heartwarming Star Wars-themed Christmas advert is giving us all the festive feels!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 11:59AM

Filipino telco Globe Telecom is following in the footsteps of other big international brands and has released a truly beautiful Christmas advert.

The two-minute 25-second ad focuses on the heartwarming story of two children working on a mysterious building project in preparation for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie release.

At the start of the advert, we see the adorable duo going around town collecting items such as tires, bicycle handles, cardboard, plastic and tinsel, as well as a collection mobile phones until it finally becomes clear they're building a makeshift starfighter.

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They later invite their friend over for a personal 4D screening of the film, complete with flashing lights, water misting and straws hurtling towards her to mimic hyperspeed - but there's one more heartwarming twist that we definitely weren't expecting.

It is revealed that the friend is actually deaf and they've created the whole thing just for her to be able to experience the movie without sound.

We're not crying! You're not crying!

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