Watch James Cordon's touching tribute to the brave city of London

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 2:23PM

The 38-year-old television personality and actor remembered the victims of the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London in a poignant speech ahead of his show on Tuesday evening (06.06.17).

He said: "We are here in the heart of London. As you know a few days ago, last Saturday night, this city was attacked.

"I’m so sad when I think about all the times that I took this job that I had to open our show talking about such atrocities trying to find the right words to say is impossible because there are none. Just behind that building there is the houses of Parliament. A building that represents democracy. Something that the people who carried out this attack hate."

And James went on to insist he will be making the "silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed" show to celebrate the UK and what it has to offer.

He added: "We’re going to bring you the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed shows we’ve ever made for you to celebrate London, and Britain, and everything it has to offer. And you know what? The people who carried out that attack, they would hate that too. This is not a country that feels afraid. It may be the worst weather in the world, but it’s still my favourite city."

It comes after James paid a heartfelt tribute to the people of Manchester following the terror attack in the city after an Ariana Grande concert.

He said: "It shocks me every time we hear this sort of news, that attacks like this can happen. But especially when there are so many children tonight. Many of you will not have been in Manchester, but you will definitely have heard of it.

"It's famous all over the world for great things, wonderful football teams, for incredible music: Oasis and Joy Division. It was the birthplace of the first suffragette It's the home of the invention of the first computer. It's a place of comedy, curries and character. But when I think of Manchester, I think of the people there.

"I'm telling you, a more tight knit group of people you will be hard pressed to find. Strong, proud, caring people with community at its core. And if it was even possible, the spirit of Manchester will grow even stronger this evening."