Did you know that you shouldn’t keep this one food in the fridge?

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Friday, 18 November 2016, 3:33PM

Well it seems some of us do it, and some of us don't, but now the results of a study are saying that we shouldn't in fact keep our tomatoes in the fridge.

It's been said  that tomatoes start to lose their flavour as soon as they are picked from the vine - and that placing them in the fridge sucks even more flavour from them.

And this is all backed up by a study from the University of Florida, that found refrigeration causes irreversible genetic changes in tomatoes.

“When they looked at what happened inside the tomatoes in cold temperatures, Dr. Klee said the subtropical fruit went into shock, producing especially damaging changes after a week of storage. After they were allowed to warm up, even for a day, some genes in the tomatoes that created its flavour volatiles had turned off and stayed off.”

The people behind the study recommend storing your tomatoes at room temperature, and eating them as soon as possible. 

The Sun published this handy guide about some other foods that should be kept out of the fridge, as recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute:


Do you keep your tomatoes in the fridge?

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